Australia’s Candidate



Organisation for Economic

Co-operation and Development


The OECD is one of the most consequential international bodies in the world today – an essential pillar of our economic governance architecture. 

Australia has benefited greatly from 50 years of OECD membership. The Organisation’s work has contributed to our 28 years of uninterrupted economic growth and helped lift living standards in Australia, in our region and around the world. 

Australia’s nomination of Mathias Cormann is underpinned by our commitment to the rules-based order, open markets, governance and inclusive economic growth – values shared by all members.

"In these challenging times, the OECD has never been more important. It would be a great honour to lead the OECD on behalf of its members and support efforts to generate sustainable growth in living standards.”

Vision for the OECD

As Secretary-General, Mathias Cormann would ensure the OECD is member-centric, transparent, accountable, relevant and impactful. 

His vision is for an OECD that is:

  • the world’s centre of excellence for credible, evidence-based economic analysis, advice and policy guidance;
  • focussed on members’ needs and true to members’ shared democratic values of opportunity, prosperity and stability for all;
  • a strong advocate of economic openness, transparency and international rules and standards; and
  • engaged with all the world’s regions, including the Asia-Pacific.

The OECD’s agenda would focus on challenges such as:

  • strengthening economic resilience;
  • achieving sustainable growth in living standards;
  • expanding global trade and investment;
  • standard setting for the digital economy, facilitating innovation; and 
  • designing more effective, efficient and equitable taxation systems

"As Secretary-General, I would strive to build consensus and a collective commitment to action amongst the OECD’s membership.”